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“Courage is more exhilarating than fear, and in the long run, it is easier. We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just one step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down”

– Eleanor Roosevelt –



Liz Moloney, Personal Development Coach & Counsellor, developed New Wave Shift with the intention of helping you to overcome your challenges and any obstacles you encounter, ultimately helping you to realize your full potential and achieve your dreams.

Liz knows there is always a reason as to why you don’t feel fulfilled in your life. She focuses on the connection between the stories you make up and tell yourself and the quality of the life you lead. What story do you tell yourself? The story you tell yourself can make a great difference between living an ok, getting by, kind of life to living a life, full of love, happiness, joy, adventure and excitement. Which one would you choose?

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Liz Moloney, who founded New Wave Shift, has developed a
secure and private space for anyone who wants to overcome challenges and remove the barriers that have held them back,  in order to transform and live the life of their dreams. 

Liz has a deep love for people, life, and living. She knows that everyone has the capacity to advance and change for the better. Among her core values are honesty, respect, authenticity, compassion and integrity. She is very committed to both her practice and her clients. Family and friends are very important to her, and she also believes that making time for fun and adventure, i.e. getting out of our comfort zones, are important in both her personal life and the work she does everyday.

Liz has a strong spiritual outlook on life, and a strong connection to nature. She believes that those who have a better understanding of their inner selves are far more likely to recognize how therapeutic nature can be. Spiritual people are aware of the importance of a balanced life that must include a deep connection between the mind, body and spirit. Everything we need is within us, we just to learn how to access it.

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Life coaching is not only for the rich and famous. It is now
something that we all need! For so many of us, life has become incredibly difficult and overwhelming. Liz is aware of the need to provide a pay-as-you-go option for life coaching in order to make it available and affordable for everyone. Hence, there is no need to purchase coaching packages!

There seems to be pressure from all sides to live a flawless
and happy life and to be a wonderful and happy person, with numerous influences coming at us through social media, aggressive marketing campaigns, etc. Even though this is neither realistic nor feasible, we chase the dragon every day.

And sure enough, this causes us to feel exhausted, insecure, and unsure of who we truly are. We aimlessly strive to blend in and follow some sort of norm, but I haven’t heard anyone define what that involves. Everything appears to depend on what we are not. Dr. Martin Seligman PhD., a Positive Psychologist, discusses character strengths and approaches the human condition by focusing on What Is Right with Us. He bases his theories on the idea that focusing on the positive is considerably more effective than discussing what is wrong with us.

The teachings of Dr. Seligman are included in the practice
of New Wave Shift. Once a person’s internal narrative (the story we tell ourselves) is revealed, we can then begin to change the story. As a result of this exciting piece of work, everything else that is undesirable collapses.

New questions are prompted by working with a coaching
professional. Sometimes, our initial response to a new question is frequently “I don’t know,” even though we actually do know the answer! It is just deeply ingrained in our subconscious. Making the unconscious conscious in a loving, safe, respectful, and confidential atmosphere is one of the founding principles of New Wave Shift.

It’s important that a client enjoys the journey and learns to accept a new perspective of hope and curiosity, as well as a willingness and readiness to seek out and accept their own truth. That is true empowerment. An experienced coach will be able to accompany you on your voyage into the unknown with confidence. A great coach will be by your side throughout the entire process!

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  • Every great journey begins with a single step. At New Wave Shift we have the tools you need to take that first step in the right direction, towards a more rewarding and fulfilling life

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