Liz aspires to help you in becoming more conscious of your own ideals and limiting beliefs. When you start to go further into your thoughts, you might not even be aware of what you are looking for yet. Everything will start to come into focus. 

With the goal of understanding where it all comes from and returning your power and strength, Liz works very closely with you to understand and unravel your story, bringing to light your own limiting beliefs and values. This will help you realize that you are very capable of changing anything in your life and, most importantly, to achieve your goals. There will be a focus on making your mind’s unconscious, conscious. By doing this, it gives you the capacity to alter what you can and the awareness to let go of what you cannot. This will be carried out by examining the current habits and strategies that hold you back.

The next most crucial step is to make sure is that you comprehend your story as Liz will unravel and interpret it. Each and every one of us has a story to tell, but that doesn’t necessarily imply we fully understand it. So, Liz will closely collaborate with you to take things step by step, or even piece by piece, and to move at a pace that is comfortable for you, in understanding your story. Rushing the process won’t help. Everything will unfold at the pace that it should. 

We all see the world through our individual lenses, or perspectives. We must be able to view things in our own way in order for them to be familiar to us, for us to be able to grasp them, and for us to be able to form our own understanding of something or someone, or perhaps even of oneself. Although, this can present us with challenges. Take a look at your own personal life and the narrative you tell yourself about it, for instance. From the perspective that you might think are the only person going through a challenging
time right now, this can be a common thought. 

Liz’s focus is to help you expand your mind by looking around, paying attention to other people, and observing their actions and body language, you will learn a lot about others. You will quickly come to the realization that you are not alone. For you to move past your obstacles and barriers, it involves asking yourself some questions. Maybe you have already asked them, but in the process, you may have suppressed the real response out of fear of what you could learn. Once you become aware of the answer, it’s important that it is to be addressed so that you are no longer struggling with it. 

The narrative you have been telling yourself about your life has a connection to this. Your identity may have been influenced by your story. Ultimately, the identity associated with the false
story has been revealed. And as a result, you begin to live outside of the story, which may lead to the development of limitations, obstacles, and barriers in your life. 

Liz will show you how to apply new perspectives to your life, about your surroundings, self-image, abilities, worries and
anxieties held about the future and the present, and to observe your life from
 a more positive perspective. It can significantly reduce anxiety, fear, and tension while also easing the load, which at first seemed to be extremely heavy. 

Rest assured, you are not alone and you are not the only person who feels what you feel. As people, it’s so easy to become so comfortable with who we have said we are. But now, it’s time to update the software of your mind. If you think about it, a computer requires regular updates in order to function to an excellent standard. Why is your mind and your thoughts any different? 

The thoughts you possibly hold at present, once served you at an earlier time in your life when you were up against a challenging situation where you had to learn how to cope and get yourself through. Because you have held onto an old coping mechanism, it is not as effective today in solving any issue that arises. It’s time to re-write the story in your mind so you can go on to live a happier and more meaningful life. You have immense potential, if you harness it, it will lead to endless possibilities for you!


What have you been wanting to do but have been too nervous to try? What journey do you aspire to take yet find difficult to begin? Is it a path to reach your healthiest self, to launch a new business or career, to regain your vitality for a life filled with love, excitement, and adventure?

Whatever it is, Liz will assist in getting you there, no matter what. To make your life a huge success by doing, being, and creating exactly what you choose. Liz is very excited and would feel absolutely honoured to undertake this journey with you.

Liz is a professional, highly skilled, and empathetic Personal Development Coach (International Coach Federation Member) and Counsellor and also specializes in the area of Retirement Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Mindfulness. Liz has acquired many years experience working in private industry as well as community and voluntary sector at various managerial levels. 

She currently serves as a Director and Chair of a Women’s Refuge and Counselling Service, and a Director and Board of Management Member of a Community Mother Program, also an experienced facilitator of a Men’s Addiction and Recovery group, and also worked as a Project Leader for a Lone Parent, Information and Support Organisation.

Liz is also very dedicated to her own continuous
professional and personal development with the aim of continuing to offer the best possible support to all of her clients, along with providing affordable and accessible life coaching sessions for all. 


From one perspective, there seems to be so many obstacles that hold us back in life. The truth is the only real obstacle is that perspective! Liz has personally experienced what it means to change your life by changing your script, and now with her tailor-made course, so can you.

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We believe in an open, inclusive society, where our women’s emotional and mental health is as easy to talk about as physical illness or injury. Through understanding and accepting our struggles, each of us can take a step towards a future built on self–determination and growth.

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