Throughout our lives we will experience waves of change brought about by both internal and external factors. Facing these waves can leave us feeling paralysed, anxious or simply lost. There are so many ways in which we can find ourselves in one of life’s cul-de-sacs. My personal journey included the strain of balancing a family live with an all-encompassing career, the emotional burden of going through a divorce, and indeed the uncertainty of unemployment in times of economic crisis. Of course for me, like most women, it took a great deal of time to overcome these challenges.

During dark times it is so tempting to give up and become passive, allowing life to happen to us instead of taking control. Following a phase of wine and tears, I did indeed begin the process of changing my script. Today, I do not regret the struggles I faced, because it was in overcoming them that I learned the greatest lessons of my life. In doing so I realised that had the right set of tools been available, I may have overcome them sooner.

It was this realisation that drove me to create a program to help other women going through difficult transitions in their lives. Women contribute so much to our world, in ways that are often hidden and underappreciated.

It was my goal to work with women as well as develop courses that would minimize the time women expend coping with life’s many struggles and in doing so, provide them with the tools to maximise their potential.

I trained in the areas of  Counselling, Life Coaching (ICF approved), Supervisory Management, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Mindfulness . For over a fifteen years now, I have used these skills to run a thriving counselling and life coaching practice. It is this work, this training, these personal obstacles, and my whole-hearted passion that have driven me to create New Wave Shift. I have created a resource that is tailor-made to help women to quickly overcome their current obstacles, and prepare them for anything the future might throw at them. I have realised my dream, what’s yours?


From one perspective, there seems to be so many obstacles that hold us back in life. The truth is the only real obstacle is that perspective! Liz has personally experienced what it means to change your life by changing your script, and now with her tailor-made course, so can you.

In our New Wave Women Member’s Area, you will receive regular updates about new courses, blogs, and other audio and video posts. You will also be able to interact with other women who may be experiencing similar challenges in their lives. This shared approach can be hugely effective because not only is our own burden lighted when shared, but women can also be empowered by the support the give to each other. New Wave Shift is a place for women to learn, to grow, and to share. Sign up today to begin your journey.

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We believe in an open, inclusive society, where our women’s emotional and mental health is as easy to talk about as physical illness or injury. Through understanding and accepting our struggles, each of us can take a step towards a future built on self–determination and growth.

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