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Why work with a Retirement Lifestyle Coach?

The right answer can only be found if the right question is asked. In the case of your new retirement,
it is likely that you have not even begun to think of all the right questions to ask yet.

  • As a certified retirement planning coach I can help you to explore, plan and create your ideal retirement lifestyle dream.
  • Our assessments are scientifically designed, validated, and proven as effective tools that help you to begin thinking about and preparing for your retirement.
  • Your responses to carefully structured questions reveal insights into your current attitudes and opinions about work, family life, relationships, leisure time and more.
  • You will discover how your responses inform your current attitudes and behaviours, and what plans you need to start putting in place now, so you can avoid the pitfalls and live your ideal retirement dream.
  • While you may have spent significant time thinking about the financial aspects of retirement planning, you may have ignored the emotional, physical, and health-related dimensions to being ready for retirement. We can work together to address all aspects of your retirement life.

“The new retirement is not an ending; it’s a new beginning, the start of a new life journey of vastly expanding proportions”.

– Richard P. Johnson Ph.D. –

A New Wave in Retirement

Where the old retirement saw you as ending, the New Retirement sees you as just beginning, creating exciting new waves.

The New Retirement is seen as a new human potential movement, destined to engage and promote freedom, enabling retirees to sparkle like never before. It’s a time now for discovering new freedom of action, and a deepening of the human spirit. It’s an exciting New Time referred to as RENEWAL.

The New Retirement model promotes life enrichment, purposefulness, a healthy self-ownership, transformation, and creative self- reliance.

This New Retirement movement promises an expanding, rather than a constricting sphere of personal growth. A new deepened interest in life, a heightened sense of ones’ own authentic self, and a new passion for discovery not felt since youth.

Renewed Purpose and Meaning

We have all seen people who have done little or no thinking or planning about retirement, who paid no attention to how their lives would change long term. They spent much time and significant amounts of money on the financial aspects of leaving full- time work, they assumed that non-financial issues did not exist. The focus of The New Retirement Planning Programme is on the non- financial aspect of retirement, I am assuming that you have already taken care of the financial end of things, now you can concentrate on:

  • Finding renewed purpose and meaning in your Retirement life.
  • Look ahead with inspiration and hope rather than looking to the past.
  • Become more sensitive to your own needs now.
  • Develop meaningful and fulfilling purpose in life.
  • Find life enriching activities as opposed to “idle busyness”.
  • Connect with the next life stage, rather than reject it.
Besides lacking zest and plans for positive and exciting aspects of retirement, people who don’t plan are likely to find themselves in some extremely stressful situations as time moves on.

Some people find it difficult to leave a work identity that may have been their primary persona for 30 to 40 years. Many of today’s retirees are increasingly likely to work past traditional retirement age, deciding to work part-time or even start a new career is very much a part of today’s reality.

Most still want time to enjoy doing those things that have filled their Retirement dreams, and this is good, but if they get stuck, they don’t do all that well. As your Retirement Coach I can help you to envisage “What you are Retiring to” so that you avoid getting stuck in a retirement that neither fulfils nor sustains you

New Perspective – New Retirement

By taking any of our unique assessments the Retirement Success Profile™ or the Life Options Profile™, you will gain a strong foundation through personal data that will accurately inform the next stage of your retirement planning journey.

Once you receive the link and complete the on-line assessment, I will be there to help you understand your discoveries and insights revealed from your assessment through our one to one confidential coaching sessions. I will work with you to help you build upon this foundation to identify and plan your new retirement.

Recommended for One to One coaching, The Retirement Success Profile™ identifies personal strengths and areas of focus across 15 Retirement Success Factors that closely affect retirement transition and planning. Across each of these factors, the Retirement Success Profile™ measures Expectation, Present Behaviour, and Variance.

The Expectation Score provides a measure of one’s overall attitude toward retirement and how prepared the individual expects to be for their retirement transition as compared to others who have taken the assessment.

The Present Behaviour Score reveals how prepared an individual is right now for their retirement transition as compared to others who have taken the assessment.

The Variance Score provides a measure of the difference between one’s expectations and their current preparation for retirement across each of the 15 success factors.

These scores pinpoint which areas require the most focus in planning for a fulfilling retirement.

Upon completion of the Retirement Success Profile™, individuals receive a comprehensive report outlining their assessment results. The report provides very personal data unique to the individual, and measures where clients are in their retirement transition preparation. This level of personal insight is unique and covers 15 distinct areas of your life, this report cannot be obtained anywhere else.

This assessment tool is perfect for use in corporate and group workshop settings, and equally appropriate for individual and couples coaching. The Life Options Profile™ reveals powerful insights about retirement lifestyle issues that are easily presented and discussed in group or classroom settings. When used in a group setting, individuals often choose to continue working one-on-one with their retirement coach.

The Life Options Profile™ assesses Retirement Readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitudinal dimensions in six life arenas: Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finance and Insurance, Family and Relationships, Leisure and Social, and Personal Development.

The Life Options Profile™ assigns a red, yellow, or green designation across all but four of the dimensions, which are ranked preferences to indicate one’s level of retirement readiness as compared to others who have taken the assessment. The Life Options Profile™ provides individuals with a personal, practical, and relevant self-portrait of one’s lifestyle needs. It provides insights on transitioning from their current lifestyle to their new retirement life

Upon completion of the assessment, individuals receive a personalized report that indicates areas of preparedness and identifies gaps providing a functional blueprint for retirement planning and transition.

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“If one does not know to which port one is sailing,
no wind is favourable.”

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca –

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